| Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles

Every litre you purchase at Texaco can get you a mile closer to your dream holiday destination. Redeem your Points for Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles and go and see the world. With destinations worldwide, there's plenty for you to see!

You can call Virgin Atlantic now to set up an account on 0344 412 2414.

If you already have a Flying Club membership number, then all you need to do is click on redeem (you must be signed in) and enter your Flying Club number.

You can also call the Star Rewards FREEPHONE number ​0800 234 6336* to register your Flying Club number. This will also enable you to start using your Points for Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles.

1000 Points = 1000 Flying Club miles

To find out more and for full Terms & Conditions visit www.virginatlantic.com/flyingclub.

*Calls made from mobile phones will be charged by service provider.

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