How do Points work?

With Star Rewards you’ll Save 1p for every litre of fuel purchased.⁺ The value of one of our Points is pretty impressive. Buy 1 litre of fuel and get 1 Point (worth 1p). Redeem 500 Points, get a £5 digital voucher.

+1 Point per qualifying litre of fuel bought. Min 500 Points for each voucher. So 500 Points for a £5 voucher. See terms at

How do I use my digital Star Rewards card to earn Points?

When you have filled up, tell the cashier that you have a Star Rewards card on your phone. Then, tap your phone on the Pin Pad when prompted, in most instances, the phone will automatically open your Star Rewards contactless card and the Points will be awarded to your account. You can also open your contactless Star Rewards card by pressing the card button on the app or by accessing the card directly in your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

How do I get a digital Texaco voucher?

Once you have earned 500 Points, you can redeem your Points for a £5 digital Texaco voucher. Simply select the digital Texaco Voucher from the home screen of the app and click the redeem button to exchange your Points for a digital voucher.

How can I spend a digital Texaco voucher at a Texaco service station?

1) Inform the cashier prior to payment that you have a Digital Texaco Voucher to spend.
2) Press the card button on the app menu bar to open your Digital Star Rewards card.
3) Present your phone to the Pin Pad when prompted.
4) The Pin Pad will then display any vouchers you have available to use.
5) Select which voucher/vouchers to use from the Pin Pad.
6) Pay any remaining transaction balance separately.

How can I use a digital Love2shop reward code?

Once you have redeemed Points for a Love2shop reward code, you will find them in the vouchers section of the app. Your code can be redeemed at:

Simply click on the link in the voucher to exchange your Reward Code for dozens of gift choices.

If you have any queries about your order, you can email quoting your Reward Code.

How can I add a card / key fob to my Star Rewards account?

You can add a new unregistered card/key fob here or alternatively call us on 0800 234 6336.

I forgot to use my card so I am missing some Points:

Keep hold of your receipt and contact us so we can add any missing Points to your account.

I’ve deleted my digital Star Rewards card from my phone’s wallet

You can add a new digital Star Rewards card to your phone’s wallet by selecting, Account > My Cards > Card Information and tapping the link to add a new digital Star Rewards card to your wallet.

What is the minimum redemption value?

500 Points for a £5 digital voucher or reward code or 250 Points for a £5 donation to charity.

Refer a friend:

To earn Points for referring someone to Star Rewards, go to the Refer a Friend page in the Account section.

You’ll see the text “Invite a friend & both earn 150 Bonus Points”.

Click on the “Invite a Friend” button and enter your friend’s email address in your email software. Alternatively, give your friend the referral code under the button and ask them to use that code when they register via the app, in the “Referral” field.

Once the referred person successfully enrols in the program with that referral code, 150 Points will be added to your account subject to the conditions below. The referred person will also receive 150 Points after making their first qualifying purchase. Remember, you can earn up to 1,500 Points in a calendar month through referring members who enrol.

Conditions: Referral bonus Points will only be given as a result of an existing Star Rewards member recruiting a new member who successfully enrols in the Star Rewards program using a valid referral code.

Bonus Points are given once the new member uses a Star Rewards card or key fob associated with their account to make a qualifying purchase at a Texaco service station.

A Star Rewards member can be awarded bonus Points for referrals for a maximum of 10 new members each calendar month.

How can I see the purchase I have made using my Star Rewards card?

To see details of the Points you’ve earned and your transaction history click here.